Policy and advocacy

In many countries, those most affected by HIV - sex workers, people who use drugs, men who have sex with men and transgender people – face criminalisation and discrimination, while services catering to them are often targeted by law enforcement agencies.

Decriminalise me. A member of an LGBT support group in Kenya. (c) Nell Freeman for the AllianceAlongside hostile policies, inadequate funding is also a barrier. Governments may be unable to fully fund their HIV response or unwilling to support services for criminalised groups, while many donors are reducing their HIV funding, particularly in middle-income countries.

The Alliance supports communities to influence the HIV policy and funding environments. Through our Linking Organisations, we build civil society’s capacity to demand enabling legal environments, defend human rights and engage with decision makers and donors.

Our global policy team supports this work by seeking to influence donor governments, global financing institutions and international bodies such as the UN.

Our current policy priorities are:

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