Around 22,000 people are living with HIV in Morocco, with approximately 48% receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART). The HIV prevalence rate among the general population is 0.1%, but it is 5.7% among men who have sex with men and even higher at 7.9% among people who use drugs.

The Alliance is working with Association Marocaine de Solidarité et Développement (AMSED) to support people who are part of these key populations, by providing direct services including HIV prevention, testing, care and support. AMSED also provide HIV and sexual and reproductive health services, which reached almost 10,700 people in 2017. Alongside this, they provided over 50,000 people with HIV prevention services during the same year, of which almost 10,000 were from key populations.

AMSED was part of the Alliance’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Programme, responding to key populations in the MENA region. Focusing on the sexual health of men who have sex with men, AMSED trained participants as peer educators on HIV prevention, testing and stigma. The programme also helped gather people living with HIV in Morocco and other MENA countries together, offering them health services and psychological help through support groups.

AMSED is currently a sub-recipient of two Global Fund grants “Coordination to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support in Morocco” and “To accelerate the reduction of the morbidity burden of TB in the Moroccan population”, and is working with 12 sub-recipients, monitoring their interventions and contributing to the national HIV and AIDS response.

In 2016, AMSED was awarded two grants that focus on civil society and community health system strengthening.

  1. The new 2017-2019 Global Fund grant entitled “Community Health System Strengthening Programme” focuses on health system strengthening in Morocco, and aims to improve the health of the population by strengthening access to health services.
  2. A new USAID-funded 2015-2019 programme on “Civil society strengthening in Morocco” aims to build capacity of civil society organisations to influence public policy in a more efficient and effective way. AMSED will help strengthen the capacity of a core group of local organisations to contribute to the policy making process at the local level.