GALLERY: Supporting gay men in Kenya

In Kenya, men who have sex with men (MSM) have a high risk of contracting HIV compared to the general population due to a number of factors, including being criminalised due to their sexual orientation. It is extremely difficult for gay men or other MSM to access safe, non-discriminatory sexual health services.

Two organisations - Men Against AIDS Youth Group (MAAYGO) and Ishtar - are working to change that. They’re providing a safe space for MSM to access information, testing services, condoms, lubricants and peer support. Twice a month MAAYGO run ‘moonlight’ outreach clinics to reach more MSM in need of services.

MAAYGO and Ishtar are implementing partners of the Alliance’s Regional Men’s Sexual Health and Rights Programme (SHARP), which is improving the sexual health and rights of MSM in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.