Ginan Koesmayadi – 1980-2018

The Alliance is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Deradjat Ginandjar Koesmayadi, known to us all as Ginan.

Ginan Koesmayadi Ginandjar Koesmayadi

Ginan worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people living with HIV in Indonesia. In 2003, along with four of his university classmates, Ginan co-founded Rumah Cemara, based in Bandung, which works as part of the Alliance to reach people who use drugs and other marginalised groups.

In his role as co-executive director, Ginan supported the growth of Rumah Cemara from its Bandung base to eight provinces across Indonesia. When Rumah Cemara became an Alliance Linking Organisation in 2010, Ginan joined the Indonesian organisation’s board, pushing it to become more inclusive and expanding its sports participation programmes to reach more people living with HIV as well as young people and other marginalised groups.

In 2011, Ginan led the Rumah Cemara team to victory in the Homeless World Cup, held in France. As well as captaining the side to the trophy, he was recognised as the tournament’s best player. Closer to home, Ginan was instrumental in Rumah Cemara’s work to engage with local communities through football.

A talented musician and artist, Ginan used his position as lead vocalist for local band Jeruji to fight discrimination and stigma faced by people living with HIV through powerful lyrics.

“Ginan’s skill in connecting people and his commitment and dedication to helping those at risk of HIV made him a respected leader in Indonesia’s HIV response and he will be deeply missed,” said Christine Stegling, executive director of the Alliance. “Ginan’s impact on the lives of people living with HIV will live on through the excellent work of Rumah Cemara. On behalf of the whole Alliance I extend our deepest condolences to Ginan’s family and friends at this difficult time.”