Cast your vote for ‘A blossom pink world’ in UK Charity Film Awards

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance has entered the UK Charity Film awards with a powerful film: 'A blossom pink world'. The film highlights efforts to challenge laws in Guyana that criminalise transgender people, and limit their access to effective HIV services.

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The film, ‘A blossom pink world’, premiered at the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. It shines a spotlight on Guyana Trans United’s work, including the organisation’s legal challenge to repeal a British colonial era cross-dressing law that is used to criminalise transgender people, making them more vulnerable to violence and compromising their rights. Guyana Trans United’s campaign was supported by the Alliance’s Rapid Response Fund.

During the film, Petronella from Guyana Trans United comments: “If I was in another country where they accept gay people, I would’ve lived my life better, because here in Guyana it is a difficult task. We always have to keep fighting for our rights.”

Petronella  from Guyana Trans UnitedPetronella from Guyana Trans United wants to see greater inclusion for transgender women in Guyana. © Jason Florio for the Alliance

Transgender people are 49 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population, yet punitive laws that criminalise them can present a major challenge to accessing essential HIV prevention, treatment and care services.

Speaking about the impact of the film, Gulliver McEwan, executive director of Guyana Trans United, says: “We strongly believe that changing hearts and minds is core in our advocacy strategies, when hearts and minds are changed laws and policies will follow. Programs such as Rapid Response has made an indelible impact in shaping the lives of those persons who benefit from your [Alliance] support.” McEwan also recently won a legal challenge to overturn a 'cross-dressing' law in Guyana that was deemed unconstituional and which could pave the way for further change.  

“Powerful storytelling plays a critical role in helping us to understand the HIV epidemic in 2018,” added Rob Kelly, communications lead at the Alliance. “The film captures the courage, humility and determination of everyone at Guyana Trans United and their story has inspired and informed colleagues at the Alliance and beyond.”

Now in its third year, The Charity Film Awards celebrate the power of storytelling to promote the impact of UK charities working nationally and globally. Members of the public can vote here to see their favourite films shortlisted. Voting closes on Friday 14 December. A panel of judges will select winners in each category from the shortlist.

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