Uganda anti-homosexuality bill declared null and void

Our reaction to the news that the Constitutional Court in Uganda has declared the February 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Bill null and void.

According to Anton Ofield-Kerr, head of policy at the Alliance:

“This is a great day for human rights, and in particular for the LGBT community in Uganda, and sends a signal to governments around the world that the time of flagrant discriminatory legislation is over.

"Along with many others, we have been bitterly opposed to this dreadful Anti-Homosexuality Bill from the start as the implications for the HIV epidemic, for public health and for human rights in Uganda and the region were immense.

"While we celebrate, let’s not forget that other countries such as India and Nigeria have also recently criminalised same sex relations and the world is watching them, particularly in a week when the spotlight is on the Commonwealth. The fight continues.”