Tackling homophobia - together

We’re bringing together MPs, civil society, the private sector and the trade union movement to collectively respond to the criminalisation of homosexuality.

At the Labour Party Conference on 23 September 2014, a panel will discuss how a cross-sector response should take shape in the UK to help to promote equality and support LGBT people in the 70+ countries worldwide where homosexuality is criminalised. Punishments around the world include life imprisonment, flogging and the death penalty.

Frank Mugisha, Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda and the winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award is one of the panellists. Mugisha talks about how “legislating for hatred has distracted Ugandans and reversed hard-won gains in the fight against AIDS” in his essay for the inaugural edition of AIDS Today, which will be published this Autumn.

LGBT people are criminalised in over 70 countries © Alliance


We’ve detailed 8 points which we believe could effectively contribute to a cross-sector response, in our policy briefing Challenging criminalisation of LGBT people: Recommendations for governments, multilaterals, companies and NGOs which you can read in full here.

The recommendations include ensuring there is a long term strategy that amplifies the voices of LGBT organisations in the countries affected by homophobic legislation, and provides the required investments in these community organisations.

We also call for consequences for governments or individuals that incite hatred or violate LGBT people’s rights, and call for an emergency funding mechanism to ensure vital support can reach LGBT people in danger during crisis periods.