The Alliance at the International Harm Reduction Conference 2015

Join us at the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference, 18-21 October | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With delegates from over 70 nations, the conference partner is the Malaysian AIDS Council, the Alliance Linking Organisation based in Kuala Lumpur.

Find us at booth #23, hosted by the Alliance Centre on  HIV, Hepatitis C and Drug Use hosted by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine.  
Download this page: Alliance activities at the conference.

In attendance:

Thomas Cai, Zhihua Yan, AIDS Care China
James Ndimbii, Onesmus Mlewa, KANCO
Tetyana Deshko, Pavlo Smyrnov, Pavlo Skala, Andriy Klepikov, Anton Basenko, Alyona Shost, Tetyana Mykhalchuk, Maria Samko, Tetyana Barnard, Olga Varetska, Alyona Mazhnaya, Vlada Rabinova, Ievgen Kushnir, International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine (Alliance Ukraine)
Henry Chang, Alliance Centre for HIV, Hepatitis C and Drug Use
Sovannary Tuot, Sochenda Sou, KHANA (Cambodia)
Simon W Beddoe, Sonal Mehta, Viswanathan Arumugam, Charanjit Sharma and James Robertson, India HIV/AIDS Alliance
Fifa Rahman, Mazlimi Ramthan, Anushiya Karunanithy, Malini Sivapragasam, Azlinda Azman, Malaysian AIDS Council
Nwe Ni Myint, Alliance Myanmar
Rudi Taryadi Saputro, Rondhi Muhamad, Yeri Pergata, Rudhy Wedhasmara, Fais Abdi, Raditya, Rumah Cemara, Indonesia
Oanh Thi Hai Khuat, SCDI, Vietnam
Susie Mclean, Stefanie Wallach and Olga Golichenko, Alliance Secretariat

Sunday 18 October

Alliance global partners meeting, Royale Chulan Hotel (12.30-15.00) - Alliance delegates only
Drinks reception to launch the Alliance Centre for HIV, Hepatitis C and Drug Use hosted by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine, Royale Chulan Hotel (18.30-20.00) 

Monday 19 October

Cultural evening/dinner hosted by Malaysian AIDS Council, with the Malaysian Prison Department, Ministry of Health, Malaysia AIDS Council and the Alliance.  By invitation only.   

Major 12: Challenges and Solutions in the Funding Crisis for Harm Reduction (Location: M Room 1, 11.00-12.30)
Critical engagement with donors to secure investment in harm reduction in middle income countries (Alliance secretariat)

Parallel 14: Punitive Laws and Law Enforcement (Location: Parallel Room 1, 14.00-15.30pm)
Impact of drug laws and policies on harm reduction in Cambodia (EC Asia Action project/KHANA)

Parallel 22: Research: Neglected Harms and Issues (Location: M Room 1, 16.00-17.30pm)
Harm Reduction Saves and Improves Lives: Findings of Increased quality-of-life for People Who Inject Drugs in the Hridaya Impact Assessment Study in selected Indian states (EC Asia Action/India HIV/AIDS Alliance)

Side event: Exchange supplies (next to Alliance exhibition booth #23, 12.30pm) Alliance Ukraine

Dialogue Space meetings

11.30-12.30 - Reaching the underserved: harm reduction services for young people who use drugs in Ukraine (Alliance Ukraine)
16.30-17.30 - Drug user participation in harm reduction programming (COACT, Alliance India, Alliance Ukraine).  Will include the launch of a new Good Practice Guide on Employing People Who Use Drugs.

Tuesday 20 October

Major 23: Alternatives to Drug Detention in Asia (Location: M Room 2, 11.00-12.30)
Toward community-based voluntary treatment for people with drug use disorders in Vietnam (EC Asia Action/SCDI, Vietnam)

Parallel 31: Community Mobilisation (Location: Plenary Room)
Advocacy Platforms for PWID: Establishing State Drug User Forums under the Asia Action on Harm Reduction programme in India (EC Asia Action/India HIV/AIDS Alliance)

Parallel 34: Outreach-based Interventions to Increase Uptake and Adherance (Location: Parallel Room 1, 14.00-15.30)
Improvement of HIV services for PWID along HIV testing and treatment cascade (Alliance Ukraine)
Community-based outreach for people who inject drugs in Kenya (CAHR/KANCO)
Low threshold HIV testing techniques that prove successful in increasing PWID screening for HIV (Alliance Ukraine)

Parallel 44: Drug Use Practice and Risk: Harm Reduction (Location: Parallel 1, 16.00-17.30pm)
Transitions to injecting heroin in Kenya: research findings, community perspectives and implications for programming (CAHR/KANCO)

Side event: Hep C Treatment for People Who Inject Drugs: Advocacy Strategy Meeting (Alliance Practice Centre on Drug Use, HIV and Hep C, MDM, TAG and INPUD) 18:00-21:00pm. For more information email

Drinks reception (Embassy of the Netherlands in Malaysia) Improving the health of people who use drugs: achievements and challenges.  By invitation only.

Dialogue Space meetings

13.30-14.30 - Preparing harm reduction service providers to work with children and young people who use drugs (Alliance, HRI and Youth Rise).  Includes the launch of the new Step by Step toolkit.

Wednesday 21 October

Civil Society Dialogue on the ASEAN Drug-Free Target (10.00-11.00) HIV and drug use in the South East Asia Region (Malaysian AIDS Council)

Major 33: Harm Reduction in Asia (Location: M Room 2, 11.00-12.30)
Effects of Take-home Methadone Service on Treatment Compliance and Heroin Use Reduction for Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clients (CAHR/EC Asia Action/AIDS Care China)

Parallel 55: Ukraine: Harm Reduction Progress and the Threat of Conflict (Location: Parallel Room 2)
Ukraine focused HIV prevention program brings HIV epidemic under control (Alliance Ukraine)
Community based ART adherence support: building new models to improve retention in HIV care and adherence to ART for People Who Inject Drugs in Ukraine (Alliance Ukraine)
Drug users and armed conflict: East Ukraine’s brutal ‘war on drugs’ (Alliance Ukraine)

Dialogue Space meetings

13-30-14.30 Drug user participation in harm reduction programming (COACT & Alliance India)