European Commission increases its commitment to ending AIDS

The Alliance welcomes the announcement of a € 100 million, or 27 % increase, in European Commission contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, bringing its contribution to €470 million.

The announcement is the first in what is hoped will be a flurry of replenishment commitments by donor governments, including the governments of the UK and the US and private sector organisations this year. The Global Fund estimates that at least $13 billion is needed between 2017 and 2019.

Awo Ablo, Director of External Relations at the Alliance, said: “This is welcome news from the European Commission. Coming at a time when states and international institutions face a range of issues including the refugee crisis and continuing financial uncertainty, it is reassuring to see Europe, not only maintaining but increasing, its contribution to the Global Fund.

“We hope this announcement is a sign of positive news still to come from other donors to the Global Fund such as the UK as they announce their replenishment commitments over the coming months.”

The Alliance has called for the Global Fund to put a greater proportion of its resources behind human rights-focussed HIV interventions. In 2014, just $8 million (or 0.1%) of bids for Global Fund investment was for health interventions that had a human rights component.

Ms Ablo added: “Human rights have to be at the centre of the response to HIV. The facts are stark, more than 75 countries in the world criminalise people for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Outside sub-Saharan Africa, 30% of all new HIV infections are among people who inject drugs, many of whom are criminalised. We won’t end AIDS without tackling the human rights barriers, such as criminalisation, that prevent people from accessing treatment in the first place.”