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Our video ‘Love a Positive Life’ about Daphine, a Ugandan teen living with HIV, has been nominated for an award. We need your help to make sure that Daphine wins the 'Golden Radiator Award'.

You can vote for Daphine on the Golden Radiator Award - Radi-Aid site using the box on the right hand side. Our video is the third in the list: HIV & AIDS Alliance: Love a Positive Life.

About Radi-Aid and the Golden Radiator award

The Radi-Aid Awards were set up to change the way fundraising campaigns communicate and engage people in issues of poverty and development, by highlighting the best and worst charity ads of the year.

Commenting on ‘Love a Positive Life’, the Radi-Aid award panel said:

"This video can help break down prejudices and stereotypes against HIV by depicting the ‘positive’ daily life of an HIV positive woman who transformed her own life. The video gives a good amount of information about the situation for people living with HIV/ AIDS and is not presenting them as helpless victims, but powerful individuals."

About Daphine

Daphine is one of 800,000 young people supported by Link Up across five countries.

Working in Uganda, Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia and Myanmar, Link Up aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people most affected by HIV, so they can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

“I thought I’d never get married, I thought I’d never get anyone to love me, I thought HIV positive people never give birth and I thought HIV positive people never become happy,” says Daphine, 19 from Kampala, Uganda.

Read Daphine's story to find out more about how she became the confident young person she is today through her work with Link Up.

Please vote for Daphine today. The winner will be announced at the Radi-Aid awards in Oslo on December 8th.