Daphine’s ‘Love a positive life’ wins most empowering aid video!

At last night’s Radi-Aid award ceremony, our film of Daphine was commemorated as the most compelling aid video of the year, winning the prestigious Golden Radiator award!


Daphine’s video was praised for using powerful, empowering messaging that champions the voice of a person living with HIV in a positive light.

When commenting on the making of the film earlier this year, Daphine said:

I knew I would help many other young people living with HIV to overcome stigma like I overcame it, and I also wanted to air the work of Link Up, a project for young people. When I was first diagnosed it all scared me. I’ve really gained courage and strength to tell about my status. You find some people don’t like themselves, they don’t like their positive status. Me, I really love myself, I really love the positiveness in me.

The jury’s comments included: “This video can help break down prejudices and stereotypes against HIV by depicting the ‘positive’ daily life of an HIV positive woman who transformed her own life. The video gives a good amount of information about the situation for people living with HIV/Aids and is not presenting them as helpless victims, but empowerful individuals.”

We are immensely proud of this achievement and the recognition bestowed on the Alliance, CHAU and the Link Up project as a result.

But most importantly we are happy for Daphine whose personality, courage and dignity comes through strongly in the film.

You can read about the awards in the Guardian and find out more about the Golden Radiator award at the Radi-Aid award website.