Alliance joins coalition for global LGBT equality

Today, a new alliance of UK-based organisations launches to help secure global LGBT equality. The Alliance is one of eight organisations to be the first to sign up to the UK Alliance for Global Equality.

SHARP Kenya, ISHTAR Nairobi

Receptionist Kelly puts up anti homophobic posters around ISHTAR Wellness center, Nairobi, Kenya

Discrimination and abuse continues to hamper the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people all over the world. In 72 countries, same-sex relations are criminalised, and it is punishable by death in eight.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance joins All Out, Commonwealth HIV & Aids Action Group (CHAAG), Human Dignity Trust, Kaleidoscope Trust, Stonewall UK, Stop AIDS and UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) to make up the eight organisations that have joined the UK Alliance for Global Equality so far.

The group is also open to other UK charities and groups working to promote the human rights of LBGT people around the world.

The alliance will advocate and campaign for global LGBT equality, and support international LGBT activists to amplify the voices of this community.

Tonight, international activists and human rights campaigners come together to celebrate the launch of the UK’s first alliance to help secure global equality for LGBT people.