Photo story: "It's called 'human' rights, not 'straight' rights"

Kaluso, a transgender woman from Malawi, speaks out about the need for zero discrimination when it comes to the rights of sexual minorities.

<p>"I didn&rsquo;t choose to be trans,&rdquo; says Kaluso, a 28-year-old transgender woman from Malawi, &ldquo;I was born like this.&rdquo;</p>

“Homophobia and discrimination is the main thing affecting LGBT people,” says Kaluso, recognising not everyone has the same warmth of her close family. “It means that people aren’t able to come out, or that family chase people away.” She believes it goes to the extent that “people are dying silently” because stigma and discrimination can make it almost impossible to access HIV prevention and treatment services.

CHeRA has been assisted by a grant from the Rapid Response Fund, which is managed by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The Fund makes grants to LGBT and MSM organisations so they can carry out urgent work to alleviate the stigma, discrimination and violence that threaten provision, access and uptake of HIV services for MSM and LGBT people.

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