Our priorities

As an alliance of civil society organisations (Linking Organisations) we have supported community action in response to the HIV epidemic for 20 years. Our work is testament to the enormous positive impact a community of 'peers' can have on the strength of organisations built by people most affected by HIV.

All of the Alliance’s programmes are person-centred, which means we treat people equally, in all their diversity, taking into consideration their multiple, intersecting identities, realities, priorities, opportunities, vulnerabilities and risks.

We believe the lives of all human beings are equal and everyone has the right to access information and services for a healthy life. We prioritise working with key populations: those who are most vulnerable to or affected by HIV, and therefore have a key role to play in the response.

These key populations include men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who use drugs, sex workers, adolescents and young people, and women and girls in all their diversity.

Community action drives our work. We follow the ethos of ‘nothing about us without us’, which means we respect and promote the agency of those most affected by HIV to make informed, healthy choices, define, deliver and evaluate services, claim their rights and meaningfully engage with, and lead, their response.

Read about our programme approaches below, explore our impact area about our programme results, and check out our resources.