Men’s Sexual Health and Rights Programme (SHARP)

Across four countries, over three years, we've been improving the health and rights of men who have sex with men (MSM) in some of the world's most hostile environments - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

In these countries MSM have a higher risk of contracting HIV compared to the population as whole. It is extremely difficult for gay men or other MSM to access safe, non-discriminatory sexual health services.

What makes me proud is that we did what everyone thought was impossible

Dennis, Icebreakers, Uganda

We exceeded our original target by 80% and reached nearly 15,000 MSM. It’s the result of lots of prepping, planning, and plenty of adapting along the way. To continue improving the health and lives of MSM we’ve captured our learning, which is aimed at programme and technical staff.


We've put this into one, comprehensive online resource which you can visit here.

For sexual health information in English, French or Swahili visit
We partnered with Health4Men to create this unique website which is aimed at MSM living in Eastern Africa, where homophobia is on the rise.

SHARP was supported by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).