Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR)

Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR) is an ambitious project that aims to reach more than 180,000 injecting drug users with needle exchanges and other harm reduction services, and provide support to their partners, children and communities.

The project works in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malaysia.

We take a harm reduction approach to drug use as it is a successful and cost-effective approach to HIV prevention. Watch Someone’s Mother, Someone’s Brother below. It features Alyona and Nga. Two people whose lives have been improved by accessing harm reduction services – including needle exchange and methadone.

We believe the people most affected by drug use and HIV have the insights with regards to what the most effective programming would look like, that’s why we involve people who use drugs in the design and delivery of services.

The project also has an advocacy angle to advance the human rights of people who use drugs.  

CAHR is funded by Government of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BUZA). The project draws upon the experience in the Netherlands itself, where harm reduction has proven to be a successful and cost-effective approach to HIV prevention.
Technical expertise and global advocacy support is being provided by a team of national and international partners: Alliance Ukraine, AIDS Foundation East West, Health Connections International, International Drug Policy Consortium, International Harm Reduction Association, International Network of Drug Users and Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida.

You can visit the CAHR project website here.

Evidence shows a harm reduction approach is the best way to tackle drug use and HIV

Syringe fact

The estimated percentage of people living with HIV who inject drugs (World Health Organization).

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The number of drug users and their families who CAHR will reach.