The Alliance is collaborating with other organisations to implement a portfolio of projects focusing on adolescents and young people called READY.

Why focus on adolescents and young people?

Adolescents are unique in their development and their health and social needs, and thus require specialised services. Puberty, the transition from childhood to adulthood, and a desire to form relationships and explore sexuality contribute to making adolescence one of the most rapidly changing stages of life.

These changes affect adolescents’ health, not only during adolescence but also across their lifetime. Poor access to health services, and poor quality of those services, during this important time impact the way that adolescents engage with services and, ultimately, affect their health and wellbeing.

Peer educators dancing after a day's workPeer educators dancing after a day's work talking to their peers about sexual and reproductive health. ©Gemma Taylor for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance 

Why 'READY'?

Young people become ready to make informed decisions about their health and rights; parents and caregivers are ready to support young people to talk about sexuality; service providers are ready to provide youth-friendly services; and decision-makers are ready to champion access to information, services and commodities for adolescents and young people living with HIV.

It’s also an acronym which spells out the programme’s purpose: Resilient, Empowered ADolescents and Young people.

What projects have started?

The first three READY projects, READY+, READY Teens and READY to Lead are under way in East, Central and Southern Africa, and other exciting projects are under development.

Read about READY+

Read about READY Teens

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Join the movement

READY is also a youth-led movement that mobilises young people globally to demand their right to a healthy life – whatever their circumstances, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In 2018, the movement will drive the #READYtoDecide campaign to end gender inequality for adolescent girls and young women. It’s time for her to decide. For her human rights to be honoured. For her voice to be heard. 

What are you READY to do? Add your voice to the READY movement in the following ways:

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  • Tweet your support and tell us what your friends, families, communities and governments can do to end gender inequality using the hashtag #READYtoDecide

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