Safety and Security Toolkit: Strengthening the Implementation of HIV Programs for and with Key Populations


This toolkit aims to help implementers of HIV programmes for key populations, who often operate in hostile and unsafe environments, to address safety and security challenges in their programme implementation.

The tookit has three section: first is a review of safety and security challenges and their impact on HIV programming, and promising practices and recommendations to address these challenges.  Secondly, three practical checklists help programme implementers systematically identify strengths and weaknesses in their efforts to protect organisations, individuals, and implementation sites. Last is an annotated bibliography of safety and security resources.

The toolkit was developed by the Alliance and FHI 360 for the USAID- and PEPFAR-supported LINKAGES project.

More than 45 CBOs, nongovernmental organisations, United Nations agencies, donors, and security experts used and critiqued the toolkit at a validation workshop in East Africa in 2017, ensuring that the toolkit is responsive to the realities on the ground.

See also When situations go from bad to worse: Guidance for international and regional actors responding to acute violence against key populations