REActing to reality: Taking action on human rights violations against key populations


Across the world, human rights violations remain a harsh and persistent reality for key populations, including within the context of programmes for HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities face harassment, discrimination and violence, denying their fundamental rights and restricting their access to vital services for HIV prevention, care, support and treatment.

Rights-Evidence-Action (REAct) is a system that community-based organisations run by and for key populations can use to systematically document and respond to human rights violations, as well as advocate for change.

This publication describes how Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) used REAct to strengthen its human rights programming and hold the government to account. It also outlines how the Alliance, together with SMUG, trained LGBT organisations from other countries (who are partners in the PITCH programme) to use REAct, and how representatives from Nigeria and Mozambique plan to adapt and implement it in their settings.